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Wake Surfing on Lake Austin

Quick Details

Surfing Up to 10 passengers

Surf in Austin, Texas with Some of the Best Teachers!

If you haven’t tried surfing behind a surf boat, you’re in for a treat with this two-hour lake-surfing experience. All the same enjoyment as ocean surfing, without the salt and without having to expend the effort to swim out to catch the next wave – and, you get to listen to your favorite music while your friends watch and video you doing it.

If there are beginners in your group, your experienced instructor will teach you the technique of getting up and getting yourself into the wave — it may take a few tries! The brand new 2022 Wakesetter 23 LSV provides the best wave on the lake, has tons of room and all of the amenities you would expect on a top of the line ski boat – Including a booming 10 speaker wet-sounds sound system.  Surfboards and life jackets provided. The two-person crew includes captain and surf instructor. Early morning times are recommended to catch the calmest water. Other times available by appointment.

This could be you!